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I'm not procrastinating ...

I'm waiting for divine inspiration!

technicolour teddy
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I'm just your basic internet user really - though I do tend to be a lurker more than anything else. I go to Uni and procrastinate on the internet. Life is good.

I fangirl Arashi. I love them very muchly. My future ambition is to go to Japan and stalk Ohno~ XP My family thinks I'm crazy. My friends think I'm crazy. But who needs family and friends when you have Arashi?!? =P

I like to sub stuff. Usually when I should be doing other stuff. Like school work. Or sleeping.
I do [Arashi no Shukudai-kun] that the wondrous nyanchan translates.
I'm also part of Aibakaland's STORMY team. We sub Arashi related files

Come check us out at
stormy_team or Aibakaland Forums

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Awesome Ohno!layout by yuckie_chan! ♥